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An Extraordinary Doctor

“Dr. Pekarovics and her staff give every patient 100% of their expertise and knowledge. The peace of mind, medical solutions, and reassurance that her patients have come to expect from this extraordinary Doctor is without equal.”

            Mike O.

Brilliant! Compassionate! Incisive! Caring above and beyond, from the door of the office and the time spent therein, Dr. Susan Pekarovics always goes the extra mile for her patients, thinking outside the box to come up with excellent diagnoses and, more to the point, excellent treatment plans! To say I and my family owe our health to Dr. Pekarovics is no understatement. She is the ONLY doctor I trust! If you go for even one appointment, you’ll be convinced, as well. Just amazing!

            Rose C.

Due to several medical issues, I must see a variety of physicians. Dr. Pekarovics leaves them all in the dust! While other doctors leave you waiting in the exam room for minutes on end, and when they finally deign to grant you five minutes of their precious time, focusing more on putting their notes into the computer, Dr. Pekarovics focuses on you, the patient, and your issues. She takes the time to listen to you. With dedication and care, this amazing physician works with you to get to the root of your health problems, creating a treatment plan that works specifically for you. No one-size-fits-all treatment from this brilliant doctor! Book your appointment and see for yourself!

           R .W.

Love love, love this office and love Dr. P. Extremely kind and efficient office staff. Dr. P. is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and is genuinely interested in the well-being of her patients. She doesn’t rush, takes her time, listens – etc. I would highly recommend her as an internist to anyone looking for top-quality care.” 

           Beth D.

She was the best experience ever. She explained everything to me put it into words that I was able to understand and I came out of the appointment with more knowledge than ever.

            Gus S.

Era lo que buscaba me atendió de maravilla

            Karla L.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Pekarovics for years- about 10 in total. I have a significant endocrine illness which is what made me seek out an experienced, well-trained Endo. I have been blessed to find this doctor who is also my primary care doctor. Prior to having this 2 in 1 approach, I used to ping and ping between my Endo and my primary care physician because they have to be in good communication in order to truly manage your health well. Having a doctor who is qualified to do both has been a godsend. Furthermore, as I’ve aged my health has had issues. I now have 3 Endo issues vs 1 so an expert who really gets all of this is truly invaluable. Over the years I’ve had a few crises which are life-threatening. Dr. Pekarovics has a 24-7 emergency number for people like me and it’s absolutely necessary for many of us to have this for the worst-case scenarios. I value this doctor so much I pay out of pocket to see her because my health is my most important asset. I can’t recommend her enough and I have. I recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing Endo or primary care physician.

           Leah H.